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Empire Group NYC is aware of all the facets of your organization, from the outside in, must align to support and strengthen your brand. The branch building itself is no longer just a place of service – it is the life of the bank’s brand image and identity.

Historically, bank design was intended to convey security to its customers. Elements such as brick and stone columns, communicated strength, with the philosophy and vision that, “your money and investments are safe and secure here.”

Today, however, security equipment, such as cash dispense systems, enables banks to maintain a secure facility while also portraying an open environment which in turn, is more conducive to building customer relationships.

At Empire Group NYC, we focus on cost efficient and environmentally friendly build-outs, thus allowing the bank to continue building strong brand recognition while creating a dynamic sales environment. We are well versed in keeping your branch operations open while renovations are in progress.

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